Our company, our home

A little history

Comercio Exterior Souto is a family business dedicated to foreign trade management.

Our family has worked in this sector for more than forty years ago through various freight forwarders and Customs agencies at various border points such as Portbou, La Jonquera, Barcelona and finally Algeciras.

In 2006 our main customers put their trust in us and helped us to become independent in order to offer a more personalized and excellent service to your needs, creating our own company.


We are located in the port of Algeciras, which by its location in the Strait of Gibraltar, is one of the most important inputs in Europe and it is also a strategic point for container traffic of perishable goods from third countries such as Africa and South America, because of the transit time of boats.

Our staff is continually evolving to provide our customers with the latest updates of customs legislation and we're all adjusting to emerging technological improvements to streamline your procedures.

In 2012 we arranged our own AEO certification. This title qualifies us as trusted agents and certifies our procedures as valid by Customs.